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The Vascular system is made up of three parts: Arterial, venous and lymphatic systems.

Each one of those can be affected by a number of disease that lead to different clinical conditions that are within the domain of the vascular specialist. 

Generally, the arterial system can be either occluded or dilated (aneurysmal). Based on the arterial bed involved, patients can be affected by symptoms like claudication (leg), stroke (carotid), abdominal pain (mesenteric), hypertension (renal) and so on.

The venous system has a thinner wall than the arterial system. Vein can be blocked (thrombosis), dilated (aneurysmal) and malfunctioning by allowing blood to reverse its direction with gravity (reflux) or increase abdominal pressures such as in coughing, straining or others. There are three sets of veins: Deep, superficial and perforator veins. Disease can affect any part of the venous system

The lymphatic system is there third part of the circulatory systems that carries fluids back to the circulation once the escape the circulatory system. If no in adequate numbers or blocked lymphedema can result causing swelling of the extremities.


Areas of Expertise


Varicose Veins


and exercise counseling

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

Thoracic Aneurysm

Dissection of the aorta

Acute ischemia

Diseases of

the aorta

Elevated cholesterol

Diabetic foot and ulcer

Venous Ulcers

Mesenteric Ischemia


Duplex US

Exercise test

CT Scan

Transcranial Doppler

Cold Immersion tests

Nuclear imaging


Areas of Expertise




Acute ischemia,

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