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Clot Removal Can Not be Easier

Clot removal from veins is a subject that was met with skepticism on the part of the physicians and vascular specialist. Most of the time clot removal is achieved by dissolving the clot using materials such as tPA which is a chemical that dissolves clots in an attempt to preserve the valves in the veins to maintain a better function and prevent postphlebitic syndrome that complicates cases of thrombosis especially those affection the proximal vein. Drugs such as t-PA can be completed by bleeding. Additionally might take a long time to achieve acceptable results sometime measured in long hours or days during which the patient should be kept in the ICU to observe for potential complication such as bleeding in different parts of the body such as the abdomen or head. Nowadays clot removal can be done mechanically using suctioning devices that can remove the clots in a short period of time without the need for drugs or chemicals that might be complicated by bleeding.

Recently we achieved successful results with such devices by removing large volumes of clots from veins.

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