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Venous disease is common in the United states. It i present in different forms and stages. the end result of venous disease in general, if untreated, is to develop venous hypertension that might end in venous ulcers and skin changes. Venous ulcers are difficult towel and cause significant amount of discomfort to patients and families. Best treatment is prevention.

Prevention start by identifying the venous disease early in the process of treatment and then deal with the venous disease by an expert . Unfortunately, many specialists focus on one form of treatment and not the other leading to incomplete and ineffective treatment plans. Treatment starts by proper diagnostic approach including evaluation of the deep and superficial systems including the perforators. Intervention might include using elastic stocking only to injection sclerotherapy, thermal and chemical ablation, surgery or endovascular intervention such as stenting of occluded veins. Finally surgery is an option in some cases. Luckily we can offer all those treatment options.

Venous disease and vein treatment

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