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Atherosclerosis Difficult to Imagine

Atherosclerosis is a term used to describe changes occurring in the arterial system causing narrowing of the arteries. for the public it is simply a blocking material from FAT for the physicians it is a plaque. Once you look into the vessel with an atherosclerotic material causing a buildup of a plaque and blockage of the artery, you realize this reflects a long process that can only be reduced by education, nutrition, and prevention and as we all know "not smoking". Once it is there in the wall, there will be no cure.

Here in this picture from one of our procedures, a plaque that looks like a volcano that erupted and caused damage of the toes, Medically called "embolization" , clinically called "Blue toe syndrome" that might end in toe loss.

This lesion is best treated by surgically peeling off the lesion, although in some cases endovascular treatment might be an option, although not the best option.

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