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Limb Salvage needs a village

Limb salvage is a term used loosely to describe saving limbs that are threatened by a number of factors mostly infection and presence tissue loss. In most cases patients are sick and they have a number of medical conditions contributing to the poor prognosis such as diabetes mellitus, renal failure, presence vascular disease, bone deformity and fragile patients. The range of problems contributing to the poor prognosis and potential limb loss requires different specialists in a multidisciplinary environment or a specialist with comprehensive approach to the problem.

In our practice we have both. We a university academic team that can help provide and guide the best treatment and specialists who are well rounded in the field of wound care. The most advanced minimally invasive vascular procedure with the most complex open vascular procedures to provide better blood flow to the area of ulcer with best nurses in the wound centers and dedicated nurse practitioners and physicians assistant staff with experts in hyperbaric medicine. All supported by other specialist make it possible to provide the best care to save limbs. At the University of Toledo we work as a team and we choose and train our specialists to provide comprehensive care to our patients

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