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COVID Can cause clots in arteries that are normal

COVID-19 pandemic present4d numerous challenges to patients and communities alike. One of the complication that cab life threatening is arterial thrombosis. We operated on a number of young patients as young as 32 years who presented with acute ischemia of the lower extremities leading to thrashing limb loss. All such patients had not previous history of previous thrombosis and many were healthy until they presented with acute ischemia. In one patient both bleeding from the GI system and ischemia of the legs were present leading a conundrum in management.

Our team managed to remove the clots and try to resolve the ischemia which was successful in half of the patients while the other hand did not tolerated the insult of ischemia to the legs and its complications.

It is why many physicians, not based on science, suggest to use drugs such as aspiring at the beginning of the CPVID disease.

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